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Car parking multiplayer old versions

The latest version of Car Parking Multiplayer has many new features and better gameplay, but not everyone likes its updates. There could be many reasons why people don’t like the new version, such as a new challenging level and a change in gameplay. To avoid facing these types of issues, people everywhere are always in search of Car Parking Multiplayer old version.

To tackle this problem, I am introducing you to the game’s previous versions. Therefore, in the following article, you will be able to download its 5 older versions. Apart from that, you will also learn why people choose older versions rather than the latest updates.

Download All Car Parking Multiplayer Old Version

Android APK file

App Size: 942M

Android APK file

App Size: 942M

Android APK file

App Size: 883M

Android APK file

App Size: 928M

Android APK file

App Size: 702.2M

Android APK file

App Size: 802.9M

How To Download And Install

The older version’s download method is straightforward. Just follow the given steps.

  • All 5 older versions of the games are uploaded above.
  • Click on the version names that are given
  • It will start downloading automatically
  • When downloads complete
  • Click on the file
  • Grant permissions and press install

Why Car Parking Multiplayer Old Versions?

There could be many reasons why people choose older versions instead of the latest updated version. The following are the main reasons that will be discussed.

Gameplay Changing

One of the main reasons that many players like the older version is that when its new update comes into the market, its gameplay changes. Many players, especially beginners who start playing after a few months, may find it hard to play the game.

New Challenges And Harder Levels

When a new level launches, new challenges, and hard levels must be available in the latest game update. That could make it much harder to face new challenging levels. That’s why most of the players delete any new version at the very first and go for the older versions.

Storage Space

Sometimes, when new updates come, the file size also increases. That’s why people with low storage space devices like to play the old versions instead of the latest ones.


This might happen with the game developers’ new updates as the game changes the device’s compatibility. This means that the latest version doesn’t meet system requirements, so many rely on the older version instead of downloading new versions.

Pros And Cons of Car Parking Multiplayer Old Versions

Here are the pros and cons of the game. You must be aware of these.


  • Old Gameplay
  • Less File Size
  • Old Challenges
  • High Experiences
  • Compatibility


  • May stops running
  • Glitches And Bugs
  • New features will be missed

Final Words

Welcome to our site; all your queries about the old version have been discussed. Whether you want to download it, it’s simple too because you need to click on the up-download button. When you go to download, you must download the latest version instead of the older version because many new challenges and levels are unlocked. Apart from that, all the bugs and glitches have been fixed. Otherwise, it’s up to you which version you want to download. When you want to download other simulation games then check our all the information about simulation games in that link.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my opinion, the newer version of the game is much better than the others because its gameplay is smooth, the graphics are awesome, and all the bugs have been removed.

When you download the newer car parking multiplayer version without deleting the old one, your previous settings will not be removed.

Yes! You can, but make sure that your other friends are also using the same version; otherwise, it might be a problem while playing car parking multiplayer.

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